1999 Harley Davidson Night Train | Pure Hell

An Evil Evo Built Execution Style

To put Execution Style into a specific bike genre might pose as a difficult task for many, including owner/operator Kyle Morley. In Kyle’s own words, “If it’s even close to being the easy way out, it is nixed from the get go. With us not having millions of dollars worth of equipment at our disposal, it forces us to buy the closest parts to what’s in my head and reworking them until they fit the bill.”

Kyle developed his style from his roots in lowriders and custom trucks. Since early on he had it imbedded in him that anything he builds must be on the ground. It’s that deep-rooted mindset of slamming where cutting his ’99 Night Train to shreds came into play. Kyle started prepping for the build in January of 2012 with hopes of debuting the fresh build at the infamous Daytona Beach Bike Week. But there was quite a bit of cutting, stretching, and welding to do to make the March deadline. Already knowing the bike had to be long and low, it also had to be able to fit the huge 20- and 26-inch hoops he had planned. He began the build by cutting the neck off and repositioning it up 1-1/2 inches, out 2 inches, with a rake of 37 degrees. Adding a custom-built set of Meanstreet 6-degree trees with 2-inch-under tubes was the next step. Along with a completely sanitary set of lower legs, the frontend was ready for the new front wheel.

Once the giant 26-inch roller was fit snug under the frontend, it was time to pick through the sea of swingarm makers to find one that would work. Up until this point, Kyle couldn’t find anything that would properly house the 20-inch roller rear wheel. It was time to start fabricating.

Kyle took a trip to his local steel supply house to gather up some D.O.M. tubing and some slugs for the job. With some minor tweaks and adjustments, the XL wheel now fit like a glove. It was then time to make the frame do something it was not designed to do, lay on the ground. So he fabbed up a sectioned cylindrical oil tank and cut quite a bit of unneeded steel out from under the seating area to make room for the swingarm to tuck away nicely while not in use. The bike now lay flat on the ground that consequently made use of the kickstand a thing of the past. After Kyle got rolled over by the first wheel manufacturer he tired to use, he had to call upon the skills of good friend and machinist Steve Green to do what was necessary to provide him with a pair of matching coned front hubs. While cutting and shaping, Steve also shaved a little unneeded meat from each side of the rear hub, which allowed for a perfect fit. Kyle was then off to Jersey Devil Powder Coating for a heavy dose of candy red. When it came time for seating, Kyle whipped up a comfy high back solo seat pan and sent it out to Anvil Customs for a hammered finish with nickel rivets to hold it all together.

The right shape and size fuel tank was needed to flow with the lines of the build. Kyle split the existing tank down the middle narrowing it 4 inches and stretching it 6. An Ultima beltdrive was added but not before being powdercoated flat black to match the other accessories and the belt receiving the Execution Style company logos, along with some pentagrams for good measure. Needing something to hang on to, Kyle proceeded to cut about 8 inches out of his 18-inch Carlini Designs Gangsta Apes. Next, he welded in some threaded bungs in place of risers. For a super-clean touch to finish off the bars, he hooked up with everyone’s favorite Englishman, Russell Mitchell, for a set of internal throttle and clutch controls. The final touch was what Execution Style is most known for, paint. Kyle had it all mapped out in his head for months, so he shut the down the shop and proceeded with his demonic/satanic theme. Kyle explains, “Blood, guts, and gore is what we do. Execution Style keeps the bike scene on edge whipping out so long low bikes with eye poppin’ paint work.”



Owner: Kyle Morley
Shop: Execution Style
Shop Phone: (856) 938-4740
Shop Email: [email protected]
Year/Make/Model: 1999 Harley Davidson Night Train
Fabrication: Execution Style
Build Time: Four months


Year/Type/Size: 1999/Evo/80ci
Builder: H-D
Cases: H-D
Cylinders: H-D
Heads: H-D
Rocker Boxes: H-D
Cams: H-D
Throttle Body: H-D
Air Cleaner: Joker Machine
Carb: Boyseen
Exhaust: Execution Style


Year/Type: Baker six-speed
Case: H-D
Clutch: Ultima
Primary Drive: Ultima


Year/Type: Execution Style
Rake/Stretch: 37 degrees, 2 inches out


Frontend: Mean Street
Length: 2 inches under
Triple Trees: Meanstreet
Swingarm: 4 inches out
Rear Shocks: Execution Style/Shotgun Shox, Air Ride

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes


Builder/Size: 26×3.75-inch
Tire/Size: Vee Rubber


Builder/Size: 20-inch
Tire/Size: Avon AV72/20
Caliper: Performance Machine
Rotor: Lyndall Racing



Colors: Kandy red and black with flat clear
Paint: Kyle Morley/Execution Style
Graphics: Execution Style Spatter/Pentagram
Plating/Polishing: DP Customs
Powdercoating: Jersey Devil Powder Coating


Rear Fender: Execution Style/BKC
Gas Tank: H-D/ Execution Style
Gauges: Drag Specialties
Handlebars: Carlini Designs/Execution Style
Grips: Exile and Biltwell
Hand Controls: Exile and Biltwell
Foot Controls: Performance Machine and Acme
Headlight: Alloy Art
Taillight: Execution Style LED
License Mount: Execution Style
Seat: Execution Style/Anvil Customs